The Story of Mankind

Hendrik Van Loon (1922)

Read to: None

Read independently: 9th grade

The first Newbery prize winner and therefore our first read on our new idea for reliable bedtime stories. I begin to read and am glad for the dim light of the room lest my child (5y10m) see my face of shock and confusion and perhaps a little blush. This was an award winning children's book! Only the author himself could have been loon enough to name this title the winner.

Big words, adult topics, personal and perhaps controversial views espoused on page after page.

I love routines and order. I like working a list and finishing what I start - even if it takes years. But I could not finish this book, not even the first chapter. maybe it would be so over his head and boring he'd fall asleep fast - but I couldn't take the risk. I'd have felt like a better parent reading Gray's Anatomy to him.