The Fog Diver

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This is a rather imaginative book. Chapter 3, especially pages 19-21 explain where all the fog came from.

Chapter 13 gives a good backstory of 13 year old Chess.

Bea is the smallest of the crew and way over-protected. She is old enough, and skilled enough, to be a great "gear girl" and is allowed to work on their own ship but everywhere else they go they don't let her do anything so she doesn't get hurt.

It becomes so annoying and not well explained. Chess is the one that the evil villain is after but they put him into all kinds of risk.

The ending leaves you hanging in a "happily ever after" sort of way. I already knew there is a sequel but I feel like we still should've had a bit more certainty at the end. For the entire book the crew had been trying to reach Port Oro and in the end they only saw it in the distance but didn't actually set foot in it.

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