The Terrible Two

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As a parent, I thought this book would be about a two year old.  Then I read the back where I also saw praise by Jon Scieszka and Dav Pilkey, authors whom my son enjoys (and me too) and Dave Eggers (whom I enjoy - and I hope one day my son will too).  So I expect my son will like this book. (update - He did.)

Round 1 Questions

What book begins, "Welcome to Yawnee Valley"?

"The Terrible Two" (p. 1) 
What book is set in Yawnee Valley?

"The Terrible Two" (p. 1)
In what book did a character have maps
plastered on his bedroom walls?

"The Terrible Two" 
(p. 5) 
In what book does a character ask to take a sabbatical?

"The Terrible Two" (p. 10) 
In what book is a character described as "mesmerizing"?

"The Terrible Two" (p. 29) 
In what book is a character's favorite word "nimbus"?

"The Terrible Two" (p. 39) 
In what book does a character get an extra milk
from the lunch lady because they are a friend of Niles?

"The Terrible Two" (p. 44) 
In what book does a character purposely
spill a tray of food on himself?

"The Terrible Two" 
(p. 45) 
In what book does a mom serve eggplant for dinner?

"The Terrible Two" (p. 48) 
In what book is a forklift used to move a car?

"The Terrible Two" (p. 52) 
In what book does a character speak

"The Terrible Two" 
(p. 52) 
In what book does a character
pass out only ten invitations to a big party?

"The Terrible Two" 
(p. 60) 
In what book is birthday cake described as
terrible, an embarrassment, and dry?

"The Terrible Two" 
(pgs. 69, 70 & 77) 
In what book does a boy receive a rubber chicken as a gift?

"The Terrible Two" (p. 86) 
In what book is a goat a victim?

"The Terrible Two" (p. 92) 
In what book does a character bake cupcakes?

"The Terrible Two" (p. 100) 
In what book are crickets a problem?

"The Terrible Two" (p. 129) 

In what book does a character get a pie in the face?

"The Terrible Two" (p. 147) 
In what book does a character swear an oath?

"The Terrible Two" (p. 170) 
In what book does a character wear a Stetson?

"The Terrible Two" (p. 183) 
In what book does a character pretend to be a coyote?

"The Terrible Two" (p. 187) 

In what book does a character
touch a cow for the first time? 

"The Terrible Two" 
(p. 192) 

Round 2 Questions

Where does "The Terrible Two" take place?

Yawnee Valley (p. 1)
If you placed all of the cows from "The Terrible Two"'s
Yawnee Valley in a stack, how far would they extend?

"to the moon and back"
(p. 2) 

According to "The Terrible Two", if you stand next to a cow
for a whole day, how  many times will you hear it moo?

one hundred or less
(p. 3) 
In "The Terrible Two", what did Miles have plastered
on the walls of his bedroom, before he moved?

(p. 5) 
What kind of kid did Miles want to be at his new school
in "The Terrible Two"?

a) Back-row kid  b) ChapStick kid  c) French accent kid
d)  Prankster kid  e) World War I kid

d) Prankster kid
(pgs. 12-13) 
According to Principal Barkin in "The Terrible Two",
what color conveys absolute power?

(p. 17) 
What caused interruptions to Principal Barkin
when he was writing a power speech
for the first day of school in "The Terrible Two"?

a) barking dog  b) janitor  c) pencils breaking  d) phone calls

d) phone calls 
In "The Terrible Two", where was
Principal Barkin's secret place?

utility closet
(p. 20) 
How did the students in "The Terrible Two"
get to the door of the school on the first day?

by climbing through the principal's car
(p. 25) 
Where did Josh initially sit in Ms. Shandy's class
in "The Terrible Two"?

back row
(p. 41) 
What student did Ms. Shandy ask to move
to the front row in "the Terrible Two"?

Josh (Barkin, the principals son)
(p. 41) 

Which item was not included on the lunch tray
at Yawnee Valley Science and letters Academy
on Mile's first day in "The Terrible Two"? 

a) diced pears  b) macaroni and cheese
 c) tomato soup  d) turkey chili

a) diced pears
In "The Terrible Two", how did Principal Barkin
get his car off the stairs?

(p. 52) 

 What two colors of icing does Miles use to decorate
Cody Burr-Tyler's birthday cake in "The Terrible Two"?

pink and green
(pgs. 66 - 67) 
In "The Terrible Two", what was the name
of the fake birthday party celebrant?

Cody Burr-Tyler
(p. 60)
In "The Terrible Two", how old is
Cody Burr-Tyler supposedly turning?

(p. 76) 
What does Cody Burr-Tyler throw
into the crowd at his birthday party?

autographed footballs (p. 79) 
What color is the bucket from which Cody Burr-Tyler
throws footballs at his birthday party in "The Terrible Two"?

(p. 79)
What is in the first gift that Miles opens
in "The Terrible Two"?

a rubber chicken
(p. 85) 

What sport do the students play in P.E. in "The Terrible Two"?

[indoor] hockey (p. 106) 
In "The Terrible Two", what is the problem
with Miles' cake and cupcakes?

they are dry
(p. 105)
What is in the box that Miles opens
during the presentations in "The Terrible Two"?

(p. 127) 
In "The Terrible Two", who puts the pie in Stuart's locker?

Niles (p. 149)