Space Case

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We listened to this book on audio.  I found it very enjoyable.  Of course you expect there to be a twist in revealing the murderer and know it will be the person you least expect - but then there is a further twist that is fun and leaves the story on a positive note.  I was a little concerned in the beginning because the first line is "Life in outer space sucks."  (Ironically my fifth grader had just gotten in trouble at school for saying that word and then I started reading the book.)  There is also lots of toilet talk (pgs. 10 - 16).  Also on page 14 the main character reflects, "...when you're a twelve-year-old boy on the toilet with your pants around your ankles, a sexy female voice can be a bit unnerving."  Additionally he talks about the "idiots who designed MBA" on page 20.

On the bottom of page 41 the book started to redeem itself when the parents told the main character, "Dash, you're a smart kid.  You're very mature and precocious for your age, and we love that about you.  But sometimes that brain of yours works a little too hard to see patterns where there might not be any."  I thought that was a very loving response in a difficult situation.  

Then the book turned into a mystery with the main character as an unofficial undercover sleuth and it really captured my interest.  There were plenty of clues that pointed in all directions but nothing that was obvious so the suspense was enjoyable.

As diversity goes I thought it was interesting on ps. 117 - 118 when Dash said one family was the only pure white people he knows because in 2041 everyone else is a blend.  I've often thought along similar lines myself.  The author is very imaginative and references all sorts of things that seem rather likely for 2041.

Round 1 Questions

What book [takes place / is set in] 2041?

"Space Case" (p. 5) 
In what book does a character have to use the toilet
at two fifteen in the morning?

"Space Case" 
(p. 10) 
In what book does a character accidentally eat
chicken parmigiana for dinner?

"Space Case" 
(pgs. 11 - 12) 
In what book do the Charlotte Gladiators
beat the Vegas Mustangs?

"Space Case" 
(p. 13) 
In what book does a character like to watch
"Squirrel Force"?

"Space Case" 
(p. 32) 
In what book is school cancelled because of a crisis?

"Space Case" (p. 38) 
In what book is a kid not allowed to go outside?

"Space Case" 
(p. 47) 
In what book are Gogolaks an enemy?

"Space Case" (p. 54) 
In what book is the main character's
little sister named Violet?

"Space Case" 
In what book does a character describe
his little sister as "effusive"?

"Space Case" 
(pgs. 43 & 78) 
In what book is a character said
to have inherited half of Norway?

"Space Case" 
(p. 112) 
In what book does a character get
eggs cracked on their head?

"Space Case" 
(p. 121)
In what book are hamburgers considered fresh food?

"Space Case" (pgs. 147 - 148) 
In what book does a character speak sign language?

"Space Case" (p. 173) 
In what book do characters exercise
with resistance bands?

"Space Case" 
(p. 203) 
In what book do characters race on treadmills?

"Space Case" (p. 205) 
In what book are assemblies mandatory?

"Space Case" (p. 241) 
In what book is a character a corporate spy?

"Space Case"
 (p. 255) 
In what book does a character sneeze loudly
in a hallway?

"Space Case" 
(p. 254) 
In what book is F.A.R. an acronym
for safety procedures?

"Space Case" 

(p. 282) 

Round 2 Questions

In "Space Case", where did [the Gibson family / Dash] live before going to Moon Base Alpha?

(p. 7) 

What are people that live at MBA called
in "Space Case"? 

(p. 9) 
What is the name of the base commander
in "Space Case"?

(pgs. 31 & 64) 
What fruit did Kira give Dash while he was
showing her around MBA?

(p. 92) 
What food item did Dash unexpectedly crave
after his arrival at MBA?

picante sauce
(p. 131) 
In "Space Case", who saved Roddy from choking?

Chang [ Hi Tech] (p. 155) 
In "Space Case", what kind of pie does Dash offer Kira?

apple (p. 161) 
How many days does "Space Case" cover?

2 1/2 [Lunar days 188, 189 & 190 a.m.] 
In "Space Case", what is the name of the character that "was overseeing the robot arm"?

(p. 185) 

At the end of Lunar Day 188 in "Space Case", what game did dash and his parents play?

(p. 198) 
How many hours of daily exercise
are recommended in "Space Case"?

two [2]
(p. 200) 
On Lunar Day 189, "smack in the middle of the night", where does Dash go?

the gym
(p. 203) 
Who does Dash find in the gym at 2 a.m.?

Chang Hi-Tech (p. 203) 
In "Space Case", according to "The Official Residents' Guide to Moon Base Alpha", "there is some minor evidence that disruption of the standard earth day can lead to ______________".


(p. 232)
In "Space Case", when Dash starts to eat enchiladas while talking to Dr. Marquez, what does the food
really turn out to be?

liver and onions
(p. 233) 
Who does Dr. Marquez suggest might be responsible for Dr. Holtz's death in "Space Case"?

[Mrs. / Sonja] Sjoberg 

In "Space Case", at MBA, what was mandatory
on the first Monday of every month?

an assembly
(p. 241) 
In "Space Case", who does Dash notice is missing
from Dr. Holtz's memorial service?

(p. 250) 

In "Space Case", at Dr. Holtz's memorial service,
who topples onto the floor when they fall asleep?

Chang [Hi Tech]
(p. 248)