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We listened to the audio and it was very enjoyable.  The target audience for this book feels like a moving target.  Young enough to appreciate talking rodents, well-read enough to be familiar with Merlin and Excalibur, and old enough to follow a complicated plot that has the Merlin-like squirrel working with evil sewer rats and other enemies in a type of double-cross with a motive to ensure his fortune for the rest of his life.  This book reminded me a bit of "George of the Jungle", early in the movie when the narrator says that nobody dies in the movie, they just get really, really hurt.

Aramis is also double-crossing - which is discovered when he is summoned and arrives too quickly.  Turns out he had been in the neighborhood orchestrating an attack on the rats he was supposedly aligned with.  I found this confusing because we never even got a hint during the attack that Aramis had been there.  I even went back and scanned the attack section and didn't see his name.  For the young reader, I think it would've been important to write in a hint.  There is also something about Salaman the villain turning out to be two double crossers.  I didn't understand why two.  Aramis wants to be king and thought he would have Salaman demand it, including marrying the princess. (p. 130)  Also on that page Joey is speaking to Aramis and says Aramis saved Yislene from black claw only to keep her alive for his plan.  Again - I dont' know when Aramis saved her because he wasn't in the scene when Yislene got saved. 

A mother-figure calls a main character "little dunce" and slaps him while some of her babies are, "stuck to her chest, drinking". (p. 32)  On page 33 the names "dung-for-brains" and "half-wit" are used.  Obviously the book is a play on Excalibur and there is some talk of magic.  In Chapter 21 (p. 87) there is a nice explanation of how magic happens.  On page 114 one rat says to another, "Will you shut up?"  At the end (p. 159), when I heard Gondorff was back I didn't understand how.  But when I read the scene I understood that he became alive again because Joey's mom had cried when she threw him in the trash and that was a kind of magic but, as Gondorff explained, "They never know when they're using it."  One finaly concern, maybe for some, on page 168 when Patrick got a can of beer when he got home.

Round 1 Questions

In what book does a character describe the city as
big, loud and dirty?

(p. 2) 

In what book is a character afraid of a trash bag?

"Ratscalibur" (pgs. 3, 17) 
In what book does a character have a gray streak in their hair?

"Ratscalibur" (p. 5) 

In what book does a character go on a quest
to find King Uther?

"Ratscalibur" (p. 15) 
In what book does a character feed its pet
a slice of turkey?

"Ratscalibur" (pgs. 7, 9) 
In what book is a character attacked by a cat?

"Ratscalibur" (p. 19) 
In what book does a character's heart beat
"like a tom-tom drum"?

(p. 20) 
In what book does a character almost lose his life
for a green jelly bean?

(p. 30-31) 
In what book is a [candy/Starbust] wrapper
a fashion accessory?

(p. 33) 
In what book are toothpicks and paper clips
considered weapons?

(pgs. 34-35) 
In what book is there a vizier?

"Ratscalibur" (p. 41) 
In what book is there a cat named Chequers?

"Ratscalibur" (p. 45) 
In what book is a message written in dust?

"Ratscalibur" (p. 82) 
In what book does a character execute
a Moustoffsky cross?

(p. 152)


Round 2 Questions

In "Ratscalibur", what color was the jelly bean
that Joey wanted to get as the crows were flying in?

(pgs. 30-31) 
What color is the Starburst wrapper that the gray rat mother wore on her head like a handkerchief
in "Ratscalibur"?

(p. 33) 
In "Ratscalibur", Brutilda was with the rats [after / because] she escaped from ___________________?

a kindergarten class
(p. 69) 
In "Ratscalibur", the enormous rat who snuck up on Joey and his friends was really _______________________.

Joey's uncle / Uncle Patrick
(pgs. 73 & 77)
What was the question Joey-rat was afraid
to ask his uncle-rat in "Ratscalibur"?

"How's Mom?"
(p. 79) 
According to "Ratscalibur",
a squirrel's primary attribute is ________________?

(p. 86) 
According to "Ratscalibur", what is the 
primary attribute of humans?

(p. 88) 
In "Ratscalibur", what was Uncle Patrick's
nickname for Joey?

(pgs. 3, 76, 100, 115, 146, 159) 
In "Ratscalibur", when the rats arrived
at Squirrelin's tree, how did they get up to his lair?

[they] climbed a rope
(p. 105) 
In "Ratscalibur", when Joey first saw Squirrelin,
what did Joey think he was?

a toy
(p. 107) 
In "Ratscalibur", what did Squirrelin
ask Joey to show him?

Ratscalibur / the sword
(p. 110) 
What was Joey surprised to find
in Squirrelin's food storage room?

the green jelly bean
(p. 118) 
Who surprised Joey and Aramis when he came out of the trash can at the end of "Ratscalibur"?

Gondorff the Red/Gray
(p. 157)