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A very enjoyable way to look at history!

Round 1 Questions

In what book does a man visit France?

"Mesmerized" (p. 6) 
What book was, "Remarkable, thrilling and strange"?

"Mesmerized" (jacket, pgs. 8, 10 & 16) 
In what book was a man in a fur hat very popular?

"Mesmerized" (p. 8) 
In what book is a man called "mon cher papa"?

"Mesmerized" (p. 43) 
What book teaches the scientific method?
From what book do we learn the scientific method?

(p. 9) 
In what book is a man compared to an apple pie?

"Mesmerized" (p. 12) 
In what book does Charles help discredit his employer?

"Mesmerized" (p. 19) 
In what book do we learn that belief can be powerful?

"Mesmerized" (p. 38) 
In what book do we read about Antoine Lavoisier,
the father of modern chemistry?

(p. 43) 
In what book do people attack a balloon with pitchforks?

"Mesmerized" (p. 43) 
In what book does a man compare
his face to that of the moon?

(p. 43) 
In what book did a man's pet canary wake him up
every morning by landing on his head?

(p. 45) 

Round 2 Questions

What country does Ben Franklin visit in "Mesmerized"?

France (p. 6) 
What three adjectives were repeated
several times in "Mesmerized"?

remarkable, thrilling and strange
(jacket, pgs. 8, 10 & 16) 
What three animals went up in the hot air balloon
in "Mesmerized"?

duck, rooster, sheep
(p. 8) 
What object was placed on the string of
Ben Franklin's kite to make sparks, in "Mesmerized"?

a metal key
(p. 9) 
What color was Dr. Mesmer's coat in "Mesmerized"?

purple (p. 12) 
What important discovery is credited
to Dr. Mesmer in "Mesmerized"?

the placebo effect
(p. 38) 
What was one of Ben Franklin's first inventions,
as noted in "Mesmerized"?

swim fins
(p. 42) 
Why did the colonies choose Ben Franklin
to go to France instead of someone else?

because he was the "most famous American in the world"
 because he invented electricity [so he was famous] (p. 43)

What was the name given to the force
discovered by Dr. Mesmer?

animal magnetism
(p 44) 
What instrument did Dr. Mesmer play for his patients?

[glass] armonica (no "h") (p. 44)