Lowriders in Space

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Round 1 Questions

What book was illustrated by Raul the Third?

 "Lowriders in Space"

In what book do the main characters work at Cartinflas? 

"Lowriders in Space"  (p. 7) 

In what book is there a cat named Genie? 

 "Lowriders in Space"

In what book do footnotes translate several Spanish words?

 "Lowriders in Space"

In what book is there a mechanic named Lupe?

"Lowriders in Space"  (p. 9) 

In what book do three friends dream
of having their own business? 

"Lowriders in Space"  
(p. 18) 

What book has a motto of "low and slow"?

"Lowriders in Space"  (p. 20) 

In what book is there a competition for ranflas? 

"Lowriders in Space"  (p. 22) 

In what book do characters look for solutions
in an old airplane factory? 

"Lowriders in Space"
(p. 29) 

In what book do characters drive by the Northern Lights? 

 "Lowriders in Space"

In what book are sparkle rocks used for decoration? 

"Lowriders in Space"  (p. 49) 

In what book does a character sweep up dust bunnies? 

"Lowriders in Space"  (p. 53) 

In what book are stars compared to
glittering dandelion fluff? 

"Lowriders in Space"  
(p. 79) 

In what book is the newspaper called "Daily Chisme"? 

"Lowriders in Space"  (p. 102) 

Round 2 Questions

 Who illustrated "Lowriders in Space"?

Raul the Third

 What was the name of the cat in "Lowriders in Space"?


In "Lowriders in Space", what kind of insect is Elirio Malaria?


 In "Lowriders in Space", what is the name of the octopus?


 What is Lupe Impala's job in "Lowriders in Space"?

mechanic (p. 9) 
In "Lowriders in Space", who is responsible
for polishing the cars?

Flapjack Octopus
(p. 11) 

 Instead of the Man in the Moon, what do the Lowriders in Space think is in the moon, based on Aztec culture?

 rabbit / conejo
(p. 56)

 What three colors are used to illustrate "Lowriders in Space"?

red, blue and black (p. 108) 

 In "Lowriders in Space", when the three friends get their shop, what building is next to it?

library / biblioteca (p. 111) 

 What problem do the three friends have
at the end of "Lowriders in Space"?

[Genie / the cat] is missing (p. 111)