The Fog Diver

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This is a rather imaginative book.  Chapter 3, especially pages 19-21 explain where all the fog came from.
Chapter 13 gives a good backstory of 13 year old Chess.  

Bea is the smallest of the crew and way over-protected.  She is old enough, and skilled enough, to be a great "gear girl" and is allowed to work on their own ship but everywhere else they go they don't let her do anything so she doesn't get hurt.  
It becomes so annoying and not well explained.  Chess is the one that the evil villain is after but they put him into all kinds of risk.

The ending leaves you hanging in a "happily ever after" sort of way.  I already knew there is a sequel but I feel like we still should've had a bit more certainty at the end.  For the entire book the crew had been trying to reach Port Oro and in the end they only saw it in the distance but didn't actually set foot in it.

Round 1 Questions

What book starts by introducing a character
who "was born inside a cage"?  

"The Fog Diver"
(p. 1) 
In what book does a character find
a school bus in the woods?

"The Fog Diver"
(p. 3) 
In what book does a character describe themself
as a "rattlaroo squirbat"?

"The Fog Diver"
(p. 6) 
In what book does a character make "twistys"?

"The Fog Diver" (p. 15) 

In what book does a character fly in drag races
to earn extra money?

"The Fog Diver"
(p. 29) 
In what book does someone consider purple
to be high praise?

"The Fog Diver"
(p. 34) 
In what book is a scrapbook a character's
only connection to their father?

"The Fog Diver"
(p. 43) 

In what book do roses smell
"like a full belly and a warm bed"?

"The Fog Diver"
(p. 44) 
In what book does someone leave
grasshoppers and shoes for a boy?

"The Fog Diver"
(p. 47) 

In what book did they say, "May the horse be with you"?

"The Fog Diver" (p. 52) 
In what book does a character think
swimming pools are ridiculous?

"The Fog Diver"
(p. 56) 
In what book does a character almost kill themself
"running from a squirrel"?

"The Fog Diver"
(p. 54) 
In what book are Valentine's Day and St. Patrick's Day [confused / combined]?

"The Fog Diver"
(p. 82) 
In what book is a character known by a letter?

"The Fog Diver" (Mrs. E.) 

In what book is a character's name
the same as a board game?
"The Fog Diver" 
In what book do characters have
a misunderstanding about golf?

"The Fog Diver"
(p. 121) 

In what book does a character say,
"Everything goes better with roast goose." ?

"The Fog Diver"
(p. 129) 

In what book are wet socks
a [cure / treatment] for a fever?

"The Fog Diver"
(pgs. 149-150) 
In what book does a character tell another,
"You are more important than you know."

"The Fog Diver" 
(p. 205) 
In what book is there a discussion about
what a cucumber tastes like?

"The Fog Diver"
(p. 229) 
What book makes a reference to
[Sponge Bob] "squarepants"?

"The Fog Diver"
(p. 271) 

In what book is a character surprised to learn
that her peers can read?

"The Fog Diver"
(p. 276) 
In what book do characters make an escape in a life raft?

"The Fog Diver" (p. 314) 
What book ends with, "We made it," ... "We're home."

"The Fog Diver" (p. 328) 

Round 2 Questions

Which eye did Chess call his "freak-eye"
in "The Fog Diver"?

right (p. 33) 
In "The Fog Diver", how long has Chess
been a salvage diver?

three years
(p. 45) 
In "The Fog Diver", where does Chess hide the diamond before Vidious takes his pouch?

in his boot [pocket]
(p. 82) 
In "The Fog Diver", which balloon on the raft pops before Chess can show his crew the diamond?

the middle
(p. 84) 
In "The Fog Diver", the letters of "teardrop" were rearranged into what word?

(p. 257)