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The subject of this book surprised me.  The main character is from a very poor family who actually lived in their car for 14 weeks.  At the time of the novel the family is being evicted from the apartment they moved to after living in their car.  The boy is often hungry.  He talks several times of keeping his family's situation a secret from his friends.  As a coping mechanism he has an imaginary cat.  Overall I think this is a fantastic story that allows children to expand their views on life situations.  However, the execution is a little difficult because the author chose to jump back and forth in time with numerous flashbacks.  Several times I even became confused as to whether something was happening now or Jackson was remembering a previous time.  If I was confused I can only imagine how confused a younger reader might be.  We listened to the book on audio CD and I made notes from a hard copy.  I did not notice anything different in the typeface to help distinguish the time periods.  One other plus to this book is that it has short chapters.  Sometimes that can be a motivational tool to keep reading, "just one more chapter" like eating just one more potato chip and then suddenly the whole bag is gone.

Round 1 Questions

Which book begins, "I noticed several
weird things about the surfboarding cat."?

"Crenshaw" (p. 3) 
In what book does a boy think ten seconds is the
right amount of time to stop being crazy?

"Crenshaw" (p. 5) 
In what book is there a red and yellow plastic umbrella decorated with pictures of tiny smiling mice?

"Crenshaw" (p. 5) 

In what book is an umbrella called a "bumbershoot"? 

"Crenshaw" (p. 5) 
In what book does a character think brussel sprouts
taste like dirty gym socks?

"Crenshaw" (p. 7) 
In what book does a boy like facts?

"Crenshaw" (p. 8) 
In what book did a character claim he was "mayor of Earth"? 

"Crenshaw" (p. 9) 

In what book do kids play cerealball?

"Crenshaw" (p. 13) 
In what book is there a dog named Aretha?

"Crenshaw" (p. 16) 
In what book does a boy want to be a scientist?

"Crenshaw" (p. 8, 40, 49)
In what book were a boy and his sister
named after guitars?

"Crenshaw" (p. 26) 
In what book are the kids given grocery bags
for their keepsakes?

"Crenshaw" (p. 33) 
In what book does a dad say Krispy Kreme doughnuts
should be put in the magic category?

"Crenshaw" (p. 38) 
In what book does a dad have [MS/multiple sclerosis]?

"Crenshaw" (p. 40) 
In what book did a dog eat a diaper?

"Crenshaw" (p. 41) 
In what book does a boy live in Swanlake Village?

"Crenshaw" (p. 46) 
In what book does a family listen to B.B. King in the car?

"Crenshaw" (p. 96-98) 
In what book does a family go car camping?

"Crenshaw" (p. 104) 
What book is set in Northern California?

"Crenshaw" (p. 157) 

In what book does a boy steal a cookie?

"Crenshaw" (p. 164) 
In what book does a girl love to build things?

"Crenshaw" (p. 175) 
In what book does a girl love pajamas so much
she wore them to school every day
until the principal told her she was setting a bad example?

"Crenshaw" (p. 175) 
In what book does a girl like brussel sprouts?

"Crenshaw" (p. 179) 
In what book does a boy have a bed
shaped like a red race car?

"Crenshaw" (p. 185) 

In what book are there dogs named Frank and Beans?

"Crenshaw" (p. 207) 
In what book does a character do one-handed push-ups?

"Crenshaw" (p. 212) 
In what book is there a character named Finian?

"Crenshaw" (p. 221)
From what book do we get the [addage/fortune cookie wisdom], "Fall down seven times, get up eight."?

"Crenshaw" (p. 236) 

Round 2 Questions

What does "Crenshaw" call an umbrella?

A bumbershoot (p. 5) 

In "Crenshaw", what does Jackson think
brussel sprouts might taste like? 

dirty gym socks
(p. 7) 

In "Crenshaw", what does Jackson say
he wants to be when he grows up? 

a[n animal] scientist
(p. 8, 40, 49) 
What are Jackson's favorite kind of facts in "Crenshaw"?

nature [facts] (p. 8) 
According to Jackson from "Crenshaw", why should
you never play cerealball with a wastebasket?

[because it might have] germs
(p. 14) 

When playing cereal ball, how many jelly beans
does Jackson find in the hat in "Crenshaw"?

(p. 15) 

When playing cereal ball win "Crenshaw",
what color jelly beansdoes Jackson find in the hat?

(p. 15)

In "Crenshaw", when playing cereal ball what does
Jackson find in the hat instead of bran cereal?


purple jelly beans
(p. 15) 
In "Crenshaw", what is Jackson's middle name?

Orson (p. 26) 

What kind of instrument is Jackson named after
in "Crenshaw"? 

(p. 26) 
In "Crenshaw", what illness does Jackson's dad have?

MS / Multiple Sclerosis (p. 40) 
In "Crenshaw", what kind of problems does Jackson
say you will have if you ever have to live in a car?

feet problems
(p. 101) 
What does Jackson write on the begging sign
he made for his father in "Crenshaw"?

I'd [rathir/rather] be fishing
(p. 122) 
In "Crenshaw", what does Jackson do with his share
of the pound cake that his dad got from begging?

gave it to [Aretha/the dog/his dog]
(p. 127) 
In "Crenshaw", how long did Jackson's
family live in the minivan?

14 weeks
(p. 131) 
Complete this [phrase/definition] from "Crenshaw":
The world is so you have __________ __ _______ __.

something to stand on
(P. 143) 
Complete this [phrase/definition] from "Crenshaw":
__________ ____________ are to give everybody enough.

Mashed potatoes
(p. 87) 
Complete this [phrase/definition] from "Crenshaw":
A ______ is to open.

(p. 1) 
In "Crenshaw", what type of animal got
into the kitchen and ate the dog food?

(p. 147) 
In "Crenshaw", how did the raccoon get into the kitchen?

through an open window (p. 147) 
In "Crenshaw", to whom does Jackson's dad sell the TV?

Marisol's dad (p. 152) 
In "Crenshaw", what does Jackson's dad sell to Marisol's dad?

the TV (p. 152) 
In "Crenshaw", after he sells the TV,
what does Jackson's dad make for breakfast?

pancakes [and bacon]
(p. 151) 

In "Crenshaw", where do Jackson and his dad go
to watch the Giants game (after the TV is sold)? 

Best Buy
(p. 159) 
In "Crenshaw", what does Aretha pull
out of Jackson's keepsakes bag?

the clay statue of Crenshaw
(p. 174) 
In "Crenshaw", how much does Marisol offer
for the clay statue of Crenshaw?

(p. 177) 

In "Crenshaw", what did Robin try giving the skinny man
at the yard sale so he wouldn't buy her dad's guitar?

a trash can
(p. 202) 
In "Crenshaw", what was the name of
Jackson's dad's imaginary friend?

(p. 221) 
What author also writes the Animorphs series?

Katherine Applegate (book jacket)