Circus Mirandus

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Jenny Mendoza is a great role-model of compassion.  Kids display good manners in Ch. 12.  Some of the story takes place in the past.  At one point Aunt Gertrudis, who has already shown that she dislikes children, "spat" "Don't be an idiot" to her nephew, Micah.  Some could argue that she didn't say he was an idiot just not to be one.  From my experience most children can't distinguish the subtlety and find it highly insulting.  The story could be an allegory for religious faith.

Round 1 Questions

Which book starts out with "four small words"?

"Circus Mirandus" (p. 1)
In what book is a boy prohibited from adding sugar
to his tea because "bad teeth ran in the family"?

"Circus Mirandus" (p. 4) 

In what book is there a tea kettle with a bird on top?
"Circus Mirandus" (p. 5) 
In what book does the main character feel like
a stretched rubber band about to snap?

"Circus Mirandus" (p. 10)
In what book is there a messenger parrot
named Chintzy?

"Circus Mirandus" (p. 23) 
In what book does a character write letters
to their father on the beach?

"Circus Mirandus" (p. 30)
In which book does a character
not even own a hairbrush?

"Circus Mirandus" (p. 38) 
In what book does a student need to make
a quipu for a school project?

"Circus Mirandus" (p. 40)
In what book do two characters
hide in a supply closet?

"Circus Mirandus" (p. 49)
In what book is a character so angry
that they pull the phone cord out of the wall?

"Circus Mirandus" (p. 56) 
In what book does a boy use a fish for a ticket?

"Circus Mirandus" (p. 68) 
In what book is a character cautioned
that "Interruptions could be lethal."?

"Circus Mirandus" (p. 73) 
In what book does a bird get in the house
through the chimney?

"Circus Mirandus" (p. 80-82) 
In what book does a character have
a special talent for tying knots?

"Circus Mirandus" (pgs. 11, 43, 63)
In what book does a bird steal the breakfast?

"Circus Mirandus" (p. 88) 

In what book is a sleeping bag referred to 
as a "human torture device."?
"Circus Mirandus" (p. 91)

In what book is a character disappointed because
they were second to last for a presentation?

"Circus Mirandus" (p. 98)
In what book is a character the only one
to feel a breeze inside a classroom?

"Circus Mirandus" (p. 102) 
In what book does a character watch a "pod
of whales" from "the prow of an old sailing ship"?

"Circus Mirandus" (p. 110)

In what book does a character tell another,
"You've changed me."?

"Circus Mirandus" (p. 122) 
In what book is a character's
phone number 555-3-6-12?

"Circus Mirandus" (p. 125)
In what book is the main character "short for his age"?

"Circus Mirandus" (p. 128) 
In what book is a bootlace given
to a boy for good luck?

"Circus Mirandus" (p. 129) 

In what book does a father have three insanities?
"Circus Mirandus" (p. 137)
In what book do the characters find
giant balloons in a field?

"Circus Mirandus" (p. 148)
In what book does the air smell
"of grass and smoke and chocolate cake"?

"Circus Mirandus" (p. 156) 
In what book is there a "centerpiece - a giant aquarium with a single silver fish swimming in the clear water"?

"Circus Mirandus" (p. 165) 

In what book is there a guardian named Bibi?
"Circus Mirandus" (p. 171) 
In what book does a character give peanut butter crackers as a peace offering to a parrot?

"Circus Mirandus" (p. 171) 
In what book does a man apologize for a lack of chairs?

"Circus Mirandus" (p. 176)
In what book is there a swan named Eidel?

"Circus Mirandus" (p. 191)
In what book does a character say, 
"faith is such a fragile thing"?

"Circus Mirandus" (p. 194)
In what book does a character say,
"The pressure is a novel experience."?

"Circus Mirandus" (p. 197)

In what book does a student fall asleep
while the teacher "taught the class
their new list of spelling words"?


"Circus Mirandus" (p. 212) 
In what book does a character advise, "when you try too hard to hold on to something, you break it"?

"Circus Mirandus" (p. 221)

In what book is homework
considered a valid emergency?

"Circus Mirandus" (p. 240) 

In what book is a character confused
because they keep passing McDonald's?
"Circus Mirandus" (p. 254)

In what book does a character almost die
when they fall out of the sky?

"Circus Mirandus" (p. 255) 

In what book does a character always wear leather?
"Circus Mirandus" (p. 261, the Lightbender)

In what book does a character wake up
wrapped in a big green velvet coat?

"Circus Mirandus"  
In what book is it good to be
ridiculous and amazing once in a while?

"Circus Mirandus" (p. 262) 

In what book does "a little girl wearing a hat with bunny rabbit ears" wave from a minivan?
"Circus Mirandus" (p. 283) 

In what book does it say,
"You never need an invitation to go home."?
"Circus Mirandus" (p. 292)

Round 2 Questions

In "Circus Mirandus", what are the four words
Grandpa Ephraim wrote at the end of the letter?

"I need you now."
(p. 2)
In "Circus Mirandus", what does Micah think
Aunt Gertrudis probably is on the inside?

"cough syrup" 
(p. 4)
In "Circus Mirandus", what were Micah and his
Grandpa [doing/building] before Grandpa got sick?

a treehouse
(p. 5)
What kind of knots did Grandpa say they used
on the rope ladder in "Circus Mirandus"?

"tuttle knots"
(p. 5)
What literary device is Cassie Beasley using when she says, "like a stretched rubber band about to snap"?

(p. 10)
What had the Lightbender from "Circus Mirandus" promised Grandpa Ephraim?

a miracle
(p. 16)
What is the name of the messenger parrot
in "Circus Mirandus"?

(p. 23)
Which character in "Circus Mirandus"
doesn't even own a hairbrush?

(p. 38)
In "Circus Mirandus" what kind of Incan artifact
does Micah try to make?

In "Circus Mirandus", what does Micah get from
the hall closet before he goes out to his tree house?

a sleeping bag 

Since what year was the Circus Mirandus magnificent?

500 B.C. (p. 66) 

What does Ephraim use to get into Circus Mirandus?

a fish (p. 68) 

For how long is Ephraim admitted to the
Circus Mirandus in exchange for the fish?

one week
(p. 68)

What happens when Ephraim drinks
dark blue fruit juice at Circus Mirandus?

he sang opera for half an hour
(p. 69)

What is the name of the ticket taker
at Circus Mirandus?

(p. 70)

At what time does Ephraim first see the
Lightbender's show at Circus Mirandus?

(p. 74)

In "Circus Mirandus", the second time Chintzy visited Grandpa Ephraim, how does Chintzy get inside?

through the chimney
(p. 80 - 82)

In "Circus Mirandus", what kind of food
does Chintzy steal from the treehouse?

breakfast / peanut butter and crackers
(p. 88)

In "Circus Mirandus" what time do Micah and Jenny wake up in the tree house?

"Five minutes before the bus comes."
(p. 96)

When Ephraim first sees the Lightbender at Circus Mirandus, what does the ball of light turn into?

"a [rather spectacular] pile of fruit / mangoes"
(p. 107)
What kind of birds/animal/creature do/does Ephraim see after he eats the mango at Circus Mirandus?

(p. 108)
When Micah tells Grandpa he is going to Circus Mirandus, what does Grandpa give him for luck?

a bootlace
(p. 129)

What is unusual about the candy/jelly cubes
at Circus Mirandus?
They lit up when you bit [down on] them
They "glowed right through the skin of their cheeks" (p. 157)

What color/flavor is Micah's jelly cube
at Circus Mirandus?

orange / mango
(p. 157)

What color/flavor is Jenny's jelly cube
at Circus Mirandus?

pink / rose petals
(p. 157)

In "Circus Mirandus", what "was the only thing Grandpa Ephraim and Aunt Gertrudis had ever agreed on"?

"The importance of good manners"
(p. 160)

What do "two long-haired goats and an iguana" share
in the menagerie at Circus Mirandus?

"a magazine"
(p. 164)

How does the iguana in "Circus Mirandus"
turn the pages of the magazine?

"with its tongue"
(p. 164)

What trick does Micah teach Big Jean
in "Circus Mirandus"?

to tie knots
(p. 168)

What type of knot does Micah teach Big Jean
in "Circus Mirandus"?

a monkey's fist
(p. 168)

What is the name of the invisible tiger
at Circus Mirandus?

(p. 171)

What special treat does Jenny bring to Chintzy
at Circus Mirandus?

peanut butter crackers
(p. 171)

What drink does Micah request from the Lightbender
at Circus Mirandus?

orange soda
(p. 176)

In "Circus Mirandus", what does Rosebud give Micah
to help his grandfather?

special tea
(p. 206)

In "Circus Mirandus", what does Jenny pick off
of her slice of pizza?

(p. 212)

In "Circus Mirandus", where do Micah and Ephraim go after the movie?

To play putt-putt golf
(p. 219)

How does Micah get into Circus Mirandus
when his invitation is no longer valid?

He used the giant gorilla balloon
(p. 250)

What is the name of the elephant in Circus Mirandus?

Jean OR Big Jean 

In "Circus Mirandus", why does Ephraim not use his miracle to bring his father home from the war? 

Because his father was helping people / he didn't want to be selfish / he wanted to do the right thing (p. 121)

What does Jenny's mom think the Lightbender is
in "Circus Mirandus"?

a fire fighter
(p. 271)

In "Circus Mirandus", who thinks "cheap things were just as interesting as expensive ones"?

Grandpa Ephraim
(p. 274)

In "Circus Mirandus", what does Micah give Jenny before he leaves? 

a friendship bracelet
(p. 280)

In "Circus Mirandus", what color is the friendship bracelet that Micah gives Jenny? 

(p. 280)