A Handful of Stars

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This is a nice story about friendship not only between two girls from different backgrounds but also between a girl and a dog.  Lily has inherited Lucky from her mother.  Lucky is going blind and Lily wants him to have an operation so he can see again.  She does what she can to raise money and save up for the surgery, all the while being very considerate of Lucky's reduced abilities.  In the end Lily realizes, "...there are worse things than being blind.  Being alone was worse.  Having regret was worse.  Losing someone you loved was worse." (p. 177)

Round 1 Questions

What book begins, "The only reason I ever spoke to
Salma Santiago was because my dog ate her lunch."?

"A Handful of Stars"
(p. 1) 
What book takes place in Maine?

"A Handful of Stars" (p. 3) 
In what book are there orange Porta-Potties
in the center of the migrant camp?

"A Handful of Stars"
(p 10) 
In what book are a variety of foods made from blueberries?

"A Handful of Stars" (p. 61) 

In what book do they believe berries
are sent down from the Great Spirit? 

"A Handful of Stars"
(p. 60) 
In what book does a character keep money in a jar
[for an important cause]?

"A Handful of Stars"
(p. 66) 
In what book does a character want
to meet Eleanor Roosevelt?

"A Handful of Stars"
(p. 84) 
In what book does a character explain the difference
between giving up and letting go?

"A Handful of Stars"
(p. 170) 
In what book are two characters "star friends"?

"A Handful of Stars" 
(p. 178) 

Round 2 Questions

In "A Handful of Stars", how much did
the festival booth cost? 

(p. 68) 

In "A Handful of Stars", "When is
the wild blueberry season in Maine?" 

"Late July to early September."
(p. 97) 
In "A Handful of Stars", what color
[is Salma's mom painting her toenails]
[does Salma's mom paint Lily's fingernails]?

(p. 105 or p. 106) 
In "A Handful of Stars", where do Salma and Lily go
to pick blueberries?

a cemetery
(p. 107) 
In "A Handful of Stars", how many bee houses
does Salma show for her talent in the pageant?

(Ch. 17) 
In "A Handful of Stars", what type of math problems
did Salma not like?

(p. 182)