A Fine Dessert

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I really enjoyed this book and then I enjoyed it all over again when I read the notes from the author and the illustrator.  They really put so much thought into it - especially the illustrator.  My son dislikes reading the notes but he tolerated this one well and even discussed several points with me.  She even considered when blackberries were in season geographically so she could dress the characters appropriately!

Round 1 Questions

 What book spans four centuries?

"A Fine Dessert" (cover) 
What book begins, "A bit more
than three hundred years ago..."?

"A Fine Dessert"  

In what book do a girl's hands turn purple?
"A Fine Dessert" 

In what book does a woman use twigs as a cooking utensil?
"A Fine Dessert" 
In what book did a girl pick berries from a plantation garden?

"A Fine Dessert" 

In what book does a family eat turtle soup? 

"A Fine Dessert" 

Round 2 Questions

 [What are the four cities / Name "x" number of cities]
in "A Fine Dessert"?

Lyme, [England]
Charleston, [South Carolina]
Boston, [Massachusetts]
San Diego, [California] 

Which is NOT a city where "A Fine Dessert" is made?
a) London, England  b) Charleston, South Carolina  
c) Boston, Massachusetts  d) San Diego, California

a) London, England
(the correct city is Lyme, England) 

Why are there purple pages at the beginning and end
of "A Fine Dessert"?

The illustrator painted the pages
with smushed blackberries. 
In "A Fine Dessert", what did the girl and her mother
pick three hundred years ago?

What was the name of the dessert in "A Fine Dessert"?

blackberry fool 
Name ["x" number] of different whipping methods
from "A Fine Dessert"?

a bundle of twigs, a metal whisk,
a rotary beater, an electric mixer 

Which color was not one of the colors of dishes used to serve the blackberry fool in "A Fine Dessert":  [blue, green, red, yellow] or [red, yellow, blue, green]


What was different about when the Boston woman and her daughter acquired the berries in "A Fine Dessert"?
a) they got them from a neighbor
b) they bought them at the super market
c) they used raspberries
d) they bought them the day before they made the dessert
e) she looked in a cookbook 

D (A Note From the Illustrator) 
What animal is present in the form of a black statue
in each home in "A Fine Dessert"?

a horse 
How many ingredients are listed in the official recipe
for Blackberry Fool in "A Fine Dessert"?

four (4) 
What are the four ingredients in Blackberry Fool
in "A Fine Dessert"?

blackberries, sugar, vanilla, heavy cream 

The word "fool" in the name of the dessert in "A Fine Dessert" comes from the French word "fouler" which means ______?

to mash or press 
In "A Fine Dessert", how does the illustrator indicate
the passing of a day in Boston?

by changing the clothing
(A Note from the Illustrator) 

What kind of dessert is the favorite for Emily Jenkins?

cake (jacket)